What Is In-Home Care and Support?

 In-home support is provided to a person needing extra support to achieve a healty, happy and independent life.  When an older, disabled  or unwell person lives in their own home and can't manage to do all the things needed to manage the home or grounds - that is where in-home-support is placed.

At Anchored Support we provide all the services a person needing support might require.  Because of this different  "wrap around" delivery approach we reduce the potential  stresses  for busy family/whanau.  Family, who often have many committments upon them, find our "call us we will help you get it done" approach a real help. 



Our support workers can assist with cooking meals for an individual, supporting people to eat, dressing, showering, toileting, laundry, communication with others.


Our support workers are also able to take a person to medical appointments, out shopping or on community outings of their choice.

Our Services include:

Cooking/food preperation

food and hygiene management (taking out trash, cleaning fridge/freezer/cupboards)


Shopping for you

taking you shopping

Doing on line ordering of groceries

Unpacking groceries

interior and exterior window washing

gardening and maintenance

gentle exterior house wash (soft brush)

Transport to events, destinations, appointments

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