Wrap around care provided when you need it at your own home


ASL aims to serve in caring family/whanau oriented ways  

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The best things about us:
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We work with kindness and care for you

Our support staff are all Police vet checked, trained support workers/care givers.  We work in with what you need and how you like things done


We do the things the DHB don't fund

If you receive govt funded in home support like showering or cleaning you will know they will only do certain things.  We will fill the gap - we clean ovens, corners, windows, blinds etc...

When you can not get your regular showering/dressing support for some reason we can provide such supports.

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We are a "one-stop shop" for all your I need-help moments

Families who experience our style of care and support soon find their worries and stresses reduced because when something needs doing and they don't have time they can call us and know that it will be done for their loved one.